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Computer Science and Engineering Department of Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology is part of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. The department offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), a 4-year program.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established on 16 February 2012 to produce knowledgeable, high skilled and competitive graduates within the sphere of software and hardware engineering and computer network.
The faculty has also embarked on research and development activities in the area such as information systems, software engineering, hardware engineering, computer systems, communication systems, graphic and multimedia technology to produce technologies that are relevant to the needs of industries.
The department emphasizes on the development and growth of its students’ enrolment and graduates. Through high quality teaching (by completing specific quality outcome and generic skills), great laboratories facilities, proper and careful advising and numerous professional activities, our students have opportunity to excel in the classroom and laboratory session. In a personable atmosphere, the students become well prepared in the term of computer engineering knowledge and technical skills. Thus, they are ready and confident to begin their professional career or further their studies.
Why Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

♦  Computer Science is becoming the heart of every other technology.

♦  Computer graduates are highly paid professionals in every industry.

♦  Computer Science is the place for a creative mind.


♦  Graduates of CSE ZHSUST are the most successful people in their respective works. They are working in Government services, Hardware & Computer system design, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Data Communications, Multimedia Processing and Internet & Information Technology and in many other responsible posts in the country and abroad.

♦  Students of CSE ZHSUST are very much successful in their co-curricular activities.

♦  Students of CSE are the leaders in the academic performance in ZHSUST. The average performance of CSE Students outplays every other department in ZHSUST.

♦  Career counseling and placement facilities

♦  Wi-Fi networked campus. .