Principal Message

Receiving higher education from a rural environment has been kind of a dream in Bangladesh. And offering quality education has never been easy outside the urban areas. On the other hand, a large number of aspirants for higher learning still live in or come from non-urban settings. The development of an independent nation depends much on total improvement in all sectors and in all areas. This is possible, among other steps, by making today's youth properly trained in higher skills. Building leadership capacity and attaining intellectual pursuits go hand in hand with proper higher education. This is most needed in rural situations where also talents galore are latent, where such promising youth are only to be picked up and groomed. They are our future leaders. We plan to serve these less-advantaged groups. ZH Sikder University of Science & Technology, established recently in a vast green land of 200 bighas in a village in Kartikpur under Bhedorgonj Upozilla of Shariatpur district, is one step forward in the above respect. The University aims to provide the best possible modes of higher learning, from within a lush green, serene, natural environment, not neglecting the use of modern, advanced pedagogy and technology. Expected to be fully residential, the University is also making available facilities for all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, alongside regular fulltime teaching-learning.

A quick and positive response from the neighboring institutions, as well as from other localities of the country, offering pre-university courses convinced us to go ahead and enroll all kinds of learners, meeting University Grants Commission requirements, from the Summer session itself. Full-fledged and better-equipped Departments covering as many as nine disciplines under four Faculties with an adequate number of highly qualified Teachers are all set for the Fall Semester, beginning September. The sponsors of the University intend to run this unique institution of higher education as a center of excellence for peace, knowledge, and development. In a true sense, it will operate as non-profit, philanthropic work. With their wide experience in running successfully other educational institutions and various establishments in the capital city and elsewhere, the founders of the University under the dynamic and wise stewardship of Mr. Z H Sikder, are providing facilities that will make it one of the top and quality conscious institutions of higher education in the country. My appeal to students, teachers, parents, members of the community, and citizens of the country, as well as academics and organizations abroad, would be: Extend your sincere cooperation to this institution in whatever way you find befitting. You will feel proud of being part of the process that actively began in 2012. The University is determined to make it a prestigious institution of higher education and research in Bangladesh, spreading its wings and fruits globally too Personally, based on my 43 years of experience in the service of higher education and research in Bangladesh and aboard, part of which has been in both public and private universities, I hope to make it a national and international seat of learning in course of time. Cooperation from all concerned quarters is solicited. I heartily welcome the aspiring students and warmly congratulate all those who have already been admitted. I wish everybody a good stay with us at ZHSUST, asking them to consider their alma mater a loveable abode that must grow and enrich in all respects.


 Vill-Madhupur, Post-Kartikpur, P.S-Bhedergonj,Dist-Shariatpur