Advisor's Message

Professor Dr. Sayed Rashidul Hasan


Fifty years from now, when we look back at the history of higher education in Bangladesh, we want to be able to say that the year 2012 was one that marked the birth of a centre for the creation of knowledge - the Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology. That is our goal-a goal that we shall strive to accomplish under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. Z. H. Sikder.

The name Sikder is known to many in Bangladesh. A true philanthropist and education patron, Mr. Sikder opted out of the relatively easy task of starting a university at the nation's capital and instead chose to do so in the remote village of Madhupur at Shariatpur. The objective was simple yet very noble - the promotion of knowledge creation and dissemination amongst the common and disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.

So what is in store for those who chose to be the students and teachers of this truly philanthropic and glorious enterprise? The University is centered in an already erected 70,000 square feet circular building capable of providing tuition to nearly 2000 students at one go. This space is surrounded by nearly 200 bighas of land. The possibilities here are immense and immeasurable. lt is a fact worth noting that many of the leading private universities of Bangladesh are yet to have in possession their own university space. The Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology is unique in this regard. From day one of their university life, its students shall be able to proudly say that they study not in a rented building of a satellite campus, but in a building and a campus that is their very own.

As the name suggests, this University specialization shall rest in the sciences. However, keeping in mind the importance of the liberal arts and social sciences at the university level education, we have also introduced various other undergraduate degrees beyond science and technology, which include, Business, English, Law etc. The Faculty members who will take the responsibility of teaching these courses will come from home and foreign lands bringing with them a rich record of academic excellence. We shall make it a state-of-the-art that the quality of teaching maintains the highest possible standard and revolves around the strata of brilliance. And, in order to ensure that, the Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology is prepared to offer the time and needs oriented incentives for the Faculty members to relocate to the rural settings of Madhupur. The establishment of modern flats to house Faculty members emerging from different parts of Bangladesh is a great initiative. The remuneration and benefits package will also be substantial.

As previously said, the birth of the Z H University of Science and Technology is part of a philanthropic initiative headed towards the goal of disseminating knowledge to the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.The fee structure for students has been devised in that light also.There shall be ample opportunities for students to display academic prowess and qualify for merit based scholarships. Large amounts of need-based financial waivers will also be granted keeping in mind the students financial abilities.

It is in this light I would like to conclude my welcoming message to you all from the Z H Sikder University of Science and Technology. Just as the year 2012 shall be a special one for the protagonists of this noble initiative, the year 2021 shall also mark an important year for Bangladesh - her 50 years of independence. The next decade, therefore, remains very crucial for us. Our university has begun with the best possible start. Standing in 2021,1 hope we shall be able to say that the Z H Sikder University of Science and Technology has built an unshakeable foundation,and is all set to meet the academic demands and pursuits of the 21st century. Our goal is to produce those graduates who will build a knowledge-based society, the fundamental pre-requisite to our cherished Golden Bengal.