Academic Info and Policies

Academic System, Rules and Regulations

ZHSUST University follows a model of higher education consisting of semesters, courses, credit hours, continuous evaluation and letter grading.
Academic Standards
In keeping with its mission and goals, the University strives to ensure high academic standards by implementing well-designed curricula, carefully selecting high quality students and faculty, utilizing modern and effective instructional methods and aids, and by continuously monitoring and rigorously evaluating all the pertinent activities and systems. As mentioned earlier, ZHSUST University has built up resources and facilities to ensure high academic standards.
There are two equal semesters - Spring and Fall. The duration of each semester is 26 working weeks. An additional week for each semester is allocated for final exams. Usually the Spring semester commences in March and the Fall semester commences in September. The Semester Calendar provides deadlines for registration, add/drop courses, withdrawals etc. This has financial and academic implications.

Course Numbering System
Performance Evaluation
The performance of the students will be evaluated throughout the semester by class tests, quizzes, assignments, and mid-term exams. End of semester evaluation includes comprehensive final exams, term papers, project reports etc. Numerical scores earned by a students in tests, exams., assignments etc are cumulated and converted to letter grades at the end of the semester.
Grading System
The grades at the university will be indicated in the following manner:
80 – <+100 = A+ (4)
75 - <79 = A (3.75)
70 - <=74 = B+ (3.50)
65 - <=69 = B (3.25)
60 - <=64 = B- (3.00)
55 - <=59 = C+ (2.75)
50 - <=54 = C (2.50)
45 - <=49 = C- (2.25)
40 - <=44 = D (2.00)
<40 = F (0.00) Failure
Grades without numerical value
I: Incomplete
W: Withdrawal
Pass/Fail Option
A course may be taken for a pass/fail grade, providing that the instructor approves the option and the student carries 12 credits for regular letter grades in that semester. A maximum of 16 credits may be taken for credit with the pass/fail grading option. No more than four credits may be taken with the pass/fail grading option in any one semester. Departments may not approve the pass/fail grading option for some courses counting towards the major.
Incomplete Grade
An Incomplete (I) grade is assigned only when a student has failed to complete one or more requirements of the course for an unavoidable reason/accidental circumstance and has applied for I grade. The students who are permitted to appear in make up examination(s) will be assigned an T grade for that course and this grade will stay until the student appears in the make-up examination at the first available opportunity; if s/he fails to appear in the make-up examination the I grade will automatically be converted to ‘F’ grade.”
Withdrawal (W)
Withdrawal is assigned to a student who withdraws from the course within the deadline for withdrawal with ¥ grade. A student who withdraws after this date will earn the grade based on his performance before his withdrawal. Exception to this rule may be made on medical ground and on terms and condition imposed by the University.
GPA Computation
The Grade Point Average (GPA) is computed in the following manner:
Sum of (Grade points x Credits)/Sum of Credits attempted
Grades Review Procedure
The Committee on Academic Standard administers the Grading Regulations and reviews course grades submitted by the Departments.